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Words from my happy customers.....

Justin and I took home our little man (Murray) in October 2019. We cannot imagine our lives without him. He has brought so much joy and love into our home from Day 1. Murray is wonderful with other dogs and loves to play. He made a great older brother when we opened up our home to our second puppy. He loved to be trained and enjoys showing off his skills to visitors. He has a wonderful temperament and we cannot thank Phyllis enough for bringing Murray into our lives!

We found Phyllis on the internet after searching

everywhere for a Cavapoo breeder. We were so

happy when we found her website and saw that she

was a legit and responsible breeder. She was great to

work with from the very beginning. Phyllis was easy

to get in touch with if we had a question and she got

back to us fast. It was awesome being able to see

pictures of our Emma on Dobralco Silky Terriers

Facebook for her first 8 weeks. Emma has been such

a joy and blessing to us. She has been a healthy, and

happy puppy since the moment we brought her

home. We couldn't be more grateful to have found

Phyllis. She does a fantastic job as a breeder and the

results are seen in the quality of her pups.

(Mango/Loki 2014)

Phyllis has been nothing short of a pleasure to work with. She’s

personable, professional, and above all she really cares about

her puppies. This is not just a “job” for her. Our two pups were

healthy, happy, and very well socialized when we got them, and

they didn’t miss a beat as soon as we took them home. Our vet

was impressed by the thoroughness of their records and the care

that they’d been given before they came to us. We’re extremely

happy with our dogs and with our experience with Phyllis.

Linda & Wayne Wilcox; Geneva, NY

Phyllis is an amazing breeder and wonderful person. From

the minute Oliver was born she was in constant contact with

our family. In fact, within 24 hours of Oliver being born I

had several questions which Phyllis answered that same day.

During Oliver's first eight weeks of life she gave our family

regular email updates and numerous pictures of our little

one. She went above and beyond to make sure our family felt

connected to our puppy. She is still the first person I call

whenever I have a question about Oliver. Oliver is such a

happy, good spirited puppy that everyone he meets, including

his vet, is shocked by how social and well mannered he is at

such a young age. It is all because Phyllis is a responsible

breeder who took the time to give Oliver a great foundation

to grow. We can't thank her enough for our Oliver.

Phyllis gave us our beautiful puppy Charlie. She was wonderful to work with, providing ample information, answering questions, posting so many pictures of our boy along the way, and accommodating our location and schedule at pick up. We could tell how much Phyllis loved raising these puppies and giving them good homes. Charlie is happy and healthy and I can’t imagine life without him. Thank you!

As a first time Cavapoo owner, I researched this breed and breeders intensely. Everything about Dobralco Cavapoos met my list of "musts" for breeders. Phyllis was extremely helpful in answering questions and giving advice. Her website and Facebook page make her breeding very informative, transparent and reassuring for future puppy parents. My Maggie is AMAZING! She slept in her crate the first night without whining or crying, as Phyllis introduces the puppies to crates prior to them going home. Phyllis helps all her puppy parents make the transition for her puppies go so smoothly. I can't say enough about how wonderful the entire process was from the first day of contact, getting on the waiting list, to picking up my girl. I am privileged to say that I own a Dobralco Cavapoo!

Many thanks

Delighted by our experience welcoming a family-raised, well socialized Dobralco Cavapoos Cavapoo pup! Our Darby has a notably sweet and friendly demeanor. So many of the typical puppyhood challenges have been lessened or entirely diverted due to Phyllis & her family's wonderful care and expertise raising newborn puppies to be well adjusted family dogs. Darby -- originally Kealani, purple collar female from Torch & Foster's 6/5/21 litter --endeared herself to our family unit immediately, is growing well, and is happy / healthy! She is quickly earning a reputation as the neighborhood's canine welcome wagon as she excitedly greets every human or dog that may cross her path. She is also very easygoing, grooming, bathing & brushing has not posed any difficulty. We couldn't be more grateful or pleased with our decision to start our fur family journey with a Dobralco Cavapoo! 10/10 recommend. We've also met other Dobralco puppies / dogs who share similar traits and whose owners are pleased with their decision to work with Phyllis & The Dobralco crew!

"We are so happy we chose Phyllis as the breeder for our second puppy. Getting a second puppy was a tough decision but our Molly is everything we could have hoped for. The first

night we brought her home she woke up in the middle of the night and went right on her wee wee pad! We have been amazed every day since then at how smart, sweet, and

independent she is. We know that her personality is the result of the kind of breeder Phyllis is, very hands on. We especially love that from the day Molly was born we were updated

with photos and news every week and Phyllis was always available to answer any questions.

We couldn't be happier!"

Phyllis is transparent, kind, and so warm from joining her waitlist, to that amazing day you get your sweet pup, and then, well after. Clove came home healthy, sweet, and has since become the light of my life. I am so appreciative!

Just last night I looked at my little puppy Stanley and said to my kids "even though having two dogs is a little crazy, I am so glad we got Stanley. He is great." Phyllis has been great, she has made my first experience in dealing with a breeder extremely

pleasant. (We adopted our first dog from a rescue place.) Everything went so smooth and she has always been quick to respond to any and all my needs. Now when I go into the mall and see the dogs in the pet store there, I feel so bad for them. That is no way to buy a dog. Dealing with a personal breeder was an experience I would recommend.

(Stanley is one of Cocoa & Alex's Feb '05 puppies)

"Phyllis has been and continues to be professional, knowledgeable, and very concerned on who adopts her puppies.She is extermely interested on how the puppies continue to thrive into adulthood within their new families. Phyllis is always ready to answer any questions you may have via the website. Her wealth of experience in the Silky breed has been a valuable tool for me with my puppy, Lucie. I would highly reccommend her to others who are interested in a Silky puppy."

(Lucie is one of Brandi & Alex's Jan '04 puppies)

"Phyllis was very helpful and infomative about her silky puppies and made the adoption process a pleasure. She is knowlegable and caring and is there for you as well as her pups. Phyllis has been very quick to respond every time I've contacted her whether to question or just brag on my puppy. Peanut is the

happiest and most spoiled pup I've ever had and he came from a loving environment. 

Teresa Pierce, Chittenden, VT"

(Peanut is one of Cocoa & Alex's Feb '05 puppies)

On December 21, 2014, our worlds changed forever as Shanell

entered it. Shanell is a black and white cavapoo that we searched everywhere to find. My family of four felt we needed to have a family pet to join our family. After months of research we decided  upon a cavapoo. When we searched for one, however, we quickly discovered that finding a good place to find one was a difficult task, until we discovered Dobralco Silky Terriers. We called Phyllis and immediately knew that she was who we wanted to get our new member from. She readily answered all questions, returned our several calls and just made the entire process so easy. She even gave us frequent updates on Shanell from the moment she was born, sending pictures as well. When it came time to get Shanell at 8 weeks old, Phyllis was willing to meet us at a halfway point so that we didn't have to make the long drive. She was so accommodating in every way. Additionally, she had all her paperwork efficiently organized for us to sign upon receipt of our brand new puppy. I would recommend Phyllis at Dobralco's anytime as we were nothing but pleased. There was no doubt that Shanell was a well cared for puppy and we were so grateful to have stumbled upon her website. Thank you Phyllis for changing our worlds by bringing Shanell into it. Elana & Greg K. Shanell is one of Dobralco's first Cavapoo puppies from Lucy & Rusty Oct 2014.

I found Phyllis's website and Facebook page when looking for

a Cavapoo puppy. I was instantly drawn to the attention she

gave all of her puppies and adult dogs including weekly and

sometimes daily photos of the puppies as they grew. I filled out

an application and was notified when the next litter would be

due. I was so excited when Phyllis contacted me within hours

of the litter being born including picture of each puppy. I loved

receiving updates of my dog Nash throughout the eight weeks

she grew under Phyllis's professional and loving care. I will

always remember when we picked up Nash and Phyllis's

heartfelt and compassionate goodbye to her. Nash is now over a

year old and is the friendliest dog to all she meets. She loves to

snuggle and give kisses. I could not be happier with the service

Phyllis provided and the beautiful Cavapoo I have today!

Nash is one of Dobralco's first Cavapoo puppies from

Lucy & Rusty Oct 2014.

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